Empower Teens with Life Skills to help them build a happy and successful life!

With the Teen Empowerment Training they feel good about themselves and be better equipped to make choices.

They will become excited about their future and motivated to visualize personal success!

Teens love the knowledge provided through Video Lessons and Coaching!

It gives them an upper hand advantage in the future.

After Teen Empowerment .... Parents report that their Teens ...

  • Have a better outlook on life

  • Are acting kinder toward family & others

  • Engage more with friends and outside interests.

  • Feel motivated & confident with their choices

Our students are NOW:

  • Young entrepreneurs & college graduates

  • Recipients of high achievements and awards

  • Confident, exploring interests & passions

  • High achieving athletes


Self-Love with a Sense of Purpose

​Healthy Living

Social Skills


Coping Skills

In this Teen Empowerment Training we show Teens How To:

  • Create positive self-talk & positive affirmations to develop mindset.

  • Use Techniques for social skills to communicate better & build better relationships.

  • Get proven systems to understand & live with purpose.

  • Increase coping skills to manage stress and live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Get your Teen to do basic tasks to achieve more independent and confident.

  • Make Teens feel motivated and interested in interacting with others.

  • Create the confidence & resilience your Teen needs to face challenges.

  • Model kindness so everyone can live with more balance & harmony.

  • Provide skills to create an empowered & successful life for themselves.

  • Generate better choices through self-control to gain respect and support from family and others.

  • Target your Teens vision of success with visualizations and new beliefs.

  • Use Life Skills to gain the ability to appreciate and value themselves.

  • Boost confidence with life skills practices which builds experiences.

  • Prove why your Teen wants to value their mind and body.

Hi, I Am Addie and this my fabulous mother Claudia.

We are Teen Coach Practitioners working with youth since 2015.

Excited to meet you and be on this amazing Empowerment journey of Life Skills to train teens to better connect and live harmoniously... within families.

After our coaching, Teens become more self-aware of their inner calm. They can better identity their own feelings to create a better life for themselves and those around them.

Pick a date on our Calendar to chat about your Teen! Discovery calls are for parents and teachers of Teens.

Life Skills for Confidence uses the Teen Empowerment Training Videos to Coach Teens.

Russell Brunson

Pick a date on our calendar to chat about your Teen.:)

We look forward to meeting you.

Certified Teen Coaches Addie & Coach Claudia :)

Conflicts and Challenges with your Teen?

Are there things that are creating daily challenges,

conflicts, and heartaches for you and your Teen or Tween right now?

Most parents try to change their Teen's behavior, but the behavior...

stems from underlying feelings of self-doubt, fear and uncertainty about their life which can lead to much bigger issues.

Don't Give Up - It's Not too Late!

Instead of just talking about how frustrating it is with your Teen or Tween and feeling powerless...

Now, you can do something about it!

It is possible these are indicators that they simply lack a few critical skills, to deal with life

Teen Empowerment to

Achieve Important Self Education!

Take a stand for your relationship and your Teens Success!

Click below to see if our coaching and course are a right fit for you and your Teen!

Choose Your Life Skills Teen Coaching Package:

What about schools- they educate, right?

Schools are preparing academic success, not necessarily, Life Success!


Teen Empowerment Coaching Works for Life Success By:

Creating Self Awareness- This program is EXACTLY what Teens need. Your Teen may look like a young adult, but have you noticed, they do not have all critical skills necessary to navigate their future successfully yet?

Developing Positive Mindset Practices- Get onboard! See how Life Skills for Confidence Teen Coaches OVER DELIVER to give your Teen the skills necessary to BE successful!! So that they can explore new dreams and discover new ways to navigate their world. Then pay close attention to the changes and get on board with the new positive way of looking at the world.

Embracing Unique Self to Take Actions- Some become entrepreneurs, some decide what they want to do in college years, and one became a blogger. A few have decided on more education in addition to High School to further their career using trade schools. And of course, others just clean their rooms, do the dishes, and think of helping out around the house as an opportunity to make good choices. (Not joking.)

Don’t let this opportunity to reconnect and rebuild... slip away.

With Life Skills for Confidence, your Teen's life will become more fulfilling and meaningful.

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